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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heels On Wheels

Despite all rational thought to the contrary, over the years, I have become a skillful packer, capable of managing a week's worth of clothes and shoes in one smallish suitcase. (Needless to say, hair and beauty is a whole other smallish suitcase). This happened by default. Chivalry died, right after our honeymoon, when my husband informed me that I can take as much as I wish, as long as I could haul it. (This was before the Food and Drug Administration must have passed a law, that wheels must be attached, to every woven canvas item on the planet). Thus, my Samonsonite steamer trunks when into retirement, forever.

My formula is pretty simple. One palette. White, black, navy, taupe. One pair of sandals and flats to go with both. No deviations. Thus, white jeans, black tee shirt, leopard print ballerina flats (as a print, they are an excellent addition, breaking up the solid monotony, but staying within the palette) can take you just about anywhere . Add big, black sunglasses, and you too, can channel Jackie O. in Corsica. And so forth. Simple, chic, brainless... Since most of my vacation time is spent with family, or strangers who will never see me again, when it's all said and done, who gives a rat's patootie?

All rules go out the window, however, when you have to pack for a "Girls Trip". Oy!!! The pressure!!! I am leaving on Thursday for four nights. Is it not one hundred times more important, to look adorable for your girlfriends than any man on the planet??? The first step is checking the 10 day forecast for your destination...I am heading south and they are predicting 90 degree days. This will require adding a dress into the mix, something jerseyish, that I can roll in a ball and unpack flawlessly. At least 4 fabulous tops to go with white jeans and carpi's. Shoes will multiply like bunnies, as I will want to have options aplenty. Effortless chic, but laboriously, pre planned daytime wear, must also be packed. At least 2, fresh nighties for late night or early morning room rendezvous'. 3 bathing suits, plus appropriate cover ups and flip flops. Airport arrival and departure outfits. Exercise wear. A few cropped cardigans and wraps, in case the hotel is over air conditioned...Can a girl do less???

I am pooped from the mental gymnastics of packing, and now I have yet to schlep it all. Good thing I am getting away for a few days, and thank God for modern luggage.

I will miss y'all.


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