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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My CP Hairbrush; the one and only you will need

CP Hair Designs Vented De-tangling and Styling Brush

I am so happy I stumbled upon this ingenious hairbrush.

Christoper Hornauer, my divine colorist, has been tending to my locks for 17 years, the last 15 or so at Warren Tricomi, Greenwich.  One of the things WT does really well, is fully stock their blow dry bar, for clients who are happy to dry there own hair.

Cleverly, I am sure a lot of product and brushes are purchased from clients who get to try them first.  On my last visit, I picked up a curved, combination pin and boar bristle brush on a whim. Oh my my...

LIFT, VOLUME, SHINE??? Yup.  But it also leaves my hair straight and sleek.

Christopher has mentored many young assistants over the years, who have gone on to be promoted to full fledged colorists.  Among them Jenna is my all time fave. As she scooted by, I pointed to my dream "bump" a full on section of lift and volume in the crown of my hair. Jenna, who loves a bit of bump herself, got it immediately.  I asked her to kindly check and see if these were available for sale, because if not, it was going home in my handbag :).

Fortunately, for all, it was.

The brush, by CH Products  is a new offering from them, designed to both detangle and style.  It is perfect for all hair types, including those with sensitive scalps. Because the head is flexible, it makes styling easy and takes a lot of pressure off your wrist.

I usually do not carry a brush, but I find myself wanting to use it during the day, for a little pick me up. The downside is that I worry about losing it and protect my bag the way I might if I was a tourist in Rome.

It's that good.  Want to have one too? Click here  for a link to their site to purchase one. As always, you are very welcome...


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