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Monday, October 19, 2015

Envy SilkPeel; Microdermabrasion Plus so much more

Dr. Bryan G. Forley's Office and Surgical Suite is located in
 NYC at this magnificent Upper East Side Townhouse at 5 E. 82nd St.

(212) 861-3757

One of my favorite PR companies to work with is Melissa Kelz PR. Melissa and her team, represent top plastic surgeons dermatologists and high-grade companies with top-of-the-line, efficacious skincare products. When they come-a-calling, I'm all in!

Dr. Forley has consistently been voted among NYC's Top Plastic Surgeons
When Melissa asked, if I would be interested in having an Envy Medical Silkpeel an advanced micro dermabrasion with  "dermalinfusion" at Dr. Bryan Forley's NYC townhouse, I leaped  at the opportunity. 
Dr. Bryan G. Forly  and Satu Ruokonen RN.
Satu performed my SilkPeel

Dr. Forley's office is located in one of the prettiest parts of the city, just a few steps away from one of my favorite places,the Metropolitan Museum of art.  This lovely townhouse not only hosts his soothing office, but a surgical suite, where many patient procedures are comfortably performed, in the presence of a board certified Anesthesiologist.

With no waiting time, after filling out my medical history, I was surprised and delighted, to meet with Dr. Forley. He explained to me what a SilkPeel does and how it differs from traditional micro dermabrasion (which simply polishes the skin by blasting it with aluminum crystals) and listened to my skincare concerns. The Envy Medical Silkpeel device is designed to treat three skin care issues; hyperpigmentation, acne, and anti-aging. 

We decided to do go for the anti-aging option, which would topically, but deeply infuse my skin with Hyaluronic acid.  

SilkPeel has no downtime, so when you see actresses on the Red Carpet looking dewy and plump, very often they have had a SilkPeel, (performed in doctors offices or very high end medical spas), on the day of their appearance. (Cost $350.) The literature and science supporting doing a series to successfully treat hyperpigmentation or acne is well documented.  A series of 6 peels is recommended for maximum results is $1750, so one is free.)

I was treated with gentle hands by Satu Ruokonen RN, Dr. Forley's surgical nurse, who performed the SilkPeel in their surgical suite. One of the advantages of this hand held Envy Medical device, is that the pressure is pre-set by the trained provider, for comfort, efficacy and consistent pressure.  (Unfortunately for me, I have literally been wounded by over zealous "passes", which abraded my skin in the hands of other aestheticians.) I had no such worries in Satu's care as she explained every area, including my neck, that she was treating. There was no discomfort, whatsoever.

Impressively again, Dr. Forley met with me post treatment to discuss my experience and results. I could tell from the time spent, that this is a Plastic Surgeon who really listens to his patients concerns and treats the their issues with the most effective means for each individual; nothing cookie cutter here.  One of the advantages of seeing a Plastic Surgeon for your anti-aging needs, in my opinion, is that they have every means at their disposal, from injectibles like Botox Restalyne, Sculptra and Voluma to non-surgical devices like Ulthera, Cool Sculpting and when necessary, a good old  fashioned scalpel.  Dermatologists and Medical Spas simply don't have all of these tools in their anti-aging arsenal to use for your best results and needs as you age.

Think about it!

So what were the results of my SilkPeel?  Silky smooth, glowing, baby skin. Wistfully, I regretted making the appointment on a day when my husband and I would be in a dark concert hall that evening...a perfect Diva Red Carpet moment wasted!

Happily, my skin continued to glow for days.  No wonder series of SilkPeels are often planned with Brides and their moms so that they are radiantly beautiful, inside and out on the Big Day.

My big thanks go to Melissa, Dr. Forley and Satu, for inviting me to have this fabulous in-office treatment and allowing me to share my experience with you.

Do treat yourself!  No doubt, I will visit again in the future. 



  1. Thanks Debbi, your information is always valuable. Now I have to research a Doctor that does SilkPeels in my area (Fort Lauderdale) with hopes of getting the same results as you did.

  2. Your welcome DeS!
    Ideally a series would be the way to go!




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