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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant How do I love thee???

Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant
Fashion Week has finally come to a close in Europe. I don't think I've ever been more acutely aware of the shows than now, thanks to the onslaught of images from both the runway and the street, courtesy of Instagram and other mediums flooding us with images. No complaints from me.  I don't really need the interpretations; images serve me well. does an exemplary job of digesting it all for us in beautifully curated thumbnails and I'm grateful, but I digress...

Want the fastest way to get in lock step with the European trends?  Spray it under your arms...

Environmentally safe, dry spray deodorants have been in favor in Europe for a quite some time, making up 60% of the market compared to 2-5% in the U.S.  In the past,  American models would horde them in their suitcases on return trips, favoring the instant dry factor and the hallmark achievement of truly creating an anti-perspirant, that is Little Black Dress proof. To wit, all my own stick trials have been failures that left me wondering about how the manufacturers were able to get away with such misguided claims.

(Sidebar: The fastest way to remove chalky deodorant marks from clothing is either steam or pantyhose.)
Photo Courtesy of the N.Y. Times

No need to horde anymore... In December, Unilever launched 5 of their reformulated dry spray anti-perspirants sold in Europe to the U.S. Market.

My first foray was their Degree Dry Spray, since I had previously been a Degree Solid Girl. It immediately made me question whether those nasty fluorocarbons really were a thing of the past.  I tried it for a few times. Each time left me gasping and choking and imagining my family tsssk tsssking over my autopsy report.

NO NO. And back to  CVS.

Drum roll for the winner...Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant, curiously, also a Unilever product. No gagging or choking here.  This fabulous spray does indeed, dry in an instant, leaving no tell tale chalky marks on my black and navy dresses and tops.  It also claims to keep you dry and fresh smelling for 48 hours. Other than being stranded on a desert island, one I will never be test driving, but nonetheless, good to know.

Sidebar to sweaty palm owners: Dry sprays can be used on your hands.

Nostalgically, it also contains Dove's classic 1/4 cleansing cream claim to fame, (one that intrigued me enough as an 9 year old to ask my Mother to buy, "the soap that won't dry your skin like soap can".  Talk about an iconic marketing campaign!)

Available in 6 fragrances, my repeat performer is "Beauty Finish". As I have said before, one of my real goals in all of this beauty trial and error, is to find my Holy Grail in each category and stick with it...

Consider Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant officially anointed.  Do try it...


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