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Sunday, May 10, 2015

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick; Dreams do come true

MAC Amplified Cream Lipstick

I've never had much luck with MAC Lipsticks, even though MAC Soar Lip Pencil is my Holy Grail nude pink liner, so much so that I hoard it.

I'm not a mall goer. I can never remember where I entered, which makes exiting a challenge... I had to go to the Westchester Mall recently, so as long as I was trapped  there, I figured I might as well visit the MAC store to pick up an extra "Soar". (They were, BTW, sold out of Soar.  Everywhere...their stores, their website and at all of their retail partners.  This would be tragic for me if I didn't already have a back up stash.)

Once there, I couldn't help perusing the lipsticks.  MAC makes 14 different types of lipsticks, not including glosses or palettes.  It is nothing, if not overwhelming.  The last MAC lipstick I purchased was from their long wear collection. Like many lipsticks that provide hours of wear, it also felt like sandpaper.

This time I got lucky.  I purchased "Fast Lane"  from their "amplified creme" collection. For starters, I'm happy with the price. $16 dollars these days is a bargain, with prestige brands creeping past $30 and a few in the Tom Ford $50 stratosphere.  I am waaaay to fickle for that kind of investment and though I don't have a thrifty bone in my body, I do have a bit of common sense.

Not happening...

Their amplified creams are described as being "textured"  I don't have the vaguest clue what that means and saw no evidence of it in the formula.  I  looked for Fast Lane on their website and couldn't spot it by color, so I "searched" for it.  No wonder I missed it...there is nothing remotely similar about the color that I own and the one featured on their site. Unless you are replacing a color you know and love, I recommend purchasing in person.

What I do like, besides the price, is that this natural rosy nude is both deeply pigmented and creamy, yielding long wear, without the nagging dry tug.  It also layers nicely under my other Holy Grail, Pur Minerals Lip Plumping Gloss, in Glitzy.

Between these three products, I have finally achieved my dream lip, a color that enhances my natural lip color, (want to know your's??? Pull down your lower lip and look in the mirror,) adds fullness and a bit of shine.

It's only taken 1000 or so lipsticks to get there...hopefully, I hope I can save you a wee bit of time, (30 years) and money, (let's not go there).

I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day.


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