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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hair Ye Hair Ye (Part 1)

O.K., I have two hair raising tales to tell, but they are lengthy and I need you to stay focused---so I will do this in two parts.

I have only had two colorists in my life, who have been able to achieve the perfect caramel highlights I require, David and Christopher. There is a murky, brassy eight year gap, that I try to block out of my memory, some of which included bad stints at home coloring.

In the good years, I continued travelling back to the City to see David after I married and moved to the Burbs. When David decided to move back to his Burbs, (Canada), we bid adieu.

David introduced me to a product called Clairol Shimmer Lights, which came in a distinct violet bottle, whose product was of the same hue. There was only one formula to brighten and tone down brassy, faded highlights. It worked like a charm and David swore it was the only shampoo I would ever need. The challenge, became finding it...primarily, it existed on the dusty shelves, of dwindling Mom and Pop Beauty Supply Stores. Eventually, it became to difficult to find, so I moved on.

While in N.Y. recently, I happened upon Ricky's NYC, the famed beauty emporium, which I had remarkably, never been in. Perusing the aisles, and smugly thinking, "been there, done that" to dozens of products, I spotted a large bottle of Shimmer Lights Shampoo!!! I nearly kissed both sides of the bottle. It now comes in two formulas: one for blond and silver hair and the other for brunette and red heads. I knew the first was the same I had used with success, but I thought I would gamble on the newer one for brunettes...needless to say, I wasn't leaving without it.

What can I say??? The stuff is genius. Daily, strangers are approaching me to ask about my color, (I recently held court, quite unintentionally at a Sephora in Greenwich...madness).

Even Christopher, knew the minute I plopped in his chair on my last visit to Warren Tricomi, that something was different . Christopher knows I tinker, and thankfully, never chastises me, but for once, the change was for the better! The perfectly placed highlights he mastered 7 weeks earlier, were not only intact, they were still glowing. I told him I rediscovered Shimmer Lights, which he pulled out of him memory banks immediately. For the first time in 12 years, I have the green light to continue.

So, I am revising the official list---three brilliant colorists, David, Christopher and Miss Clairol. Like I said, genius. Do order yourself a bottle today, (

Your welcome.


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