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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, I am officially kvelling!!! The Obama's hosted their first official White House State Dinner, honoring the Prime Minister of India and his wife and Michelle hit it out of the park.

Dressed regally, in a flattering, strapless Naeem Khan pale gold chiffon gown, with an overlay of sterling silver sequins, chiffon stole, gold bangles, chandelier earrings and a modern, up swept chignon, MO looked every inch, the First Lady of the world. This is what I have been waiting for since the Inauguration (of Jack Kennedy). Wowza!!!

Though some press reports are making Indian designer Naeem Khan sound like an upstart, he is light years from that! Naeem has been creating gorgeous frocks for the International set for years and he and his stunning wife Ranjana, are fixtures in New York society.

I saw Naeem interviewed and he said he did not have contact directly with Michelle, but with her long time stylist Ikram Goldman.

Fingers crossed that the outpouring of accolades for this smashing, spot on State Dinner fashion debut, is just the beginning of their collaborations and the understated elegance that suits the First Lady like a glove.



  1. This dress is better for sure, but I wish she looked a little bit less masculine.

  2. I think part of that is her height, stature and shoulders. I always think BO looks slight next to her.



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