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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cutting Edge

How is it possible, that one day after having a great hair day, you will inevitably, wake up sprouting some mean spirited cowlicks??? This is always when I get the itch, to do a little D-I-Y trimming. It is of little consequence if the sharpest object within reach is a callous razor or a poultry shear, the horse has already left the barn.

Racked with guilt, I always 'fess up my transgressions to Billy, my Hairstylist. Pro that he is, he smiles, nods and says, "not too bad", though I know he is wondering if I also take matters into my own hands, when I get a cavity...

Bangs continue to rage on this summer, so I was delighted when I received an email from one of my P.R. contacts, with tips from Celebrity stylist, and Nexxus Creative Director, Kevin Mancuso, on bang maintenance.

Here are Kevin's tips, for getting a great "bang" for your buck:

Prep Hair:
* Wet hair shrinks, so only trim completely dry hair
* Use the fine-toothed end of a styling comb to separate the section you want to
trim and pull it to a point in the center of your face. Clip excess hair aside.
* Twist the gathered hair 3-4times (the twisting hides imperfections)

Trim Locks:
* Use a pair of sharp thinning shears, with a squared-off tip. Holding scissors
at an angle, "point trim" small amounts of tips, until you reach the desired

Style Locks:
* Apply a heat styler, like Nexxus Heat Protexx, to protect locks
from excess damage and blow-dry bangs with a large round brush.

* For wispy bangs, apply a small amount of a medium-hold texture
lotion, like Nexxus VerasStyler, to palms of hands. Gently rub
palms together and run fingers through bangs, for added definition.

* For blunt bangs, apply a smoothing creme like Nexxus Sleek Style. Use a flat iron on fringe, to enhance sleekness to the style.

* Finish either style, with a misting of Nexxus Comb Thru, to
prevent fly-aways and static.

Thanks Kevin!!!, You took the guess work, out of the guess work and provided some great tips, to stretch the time between appointments and maintain healthy hair.

I for one, will be pasting these instructions to the inside of my medicine cabinet. Oh, and Billy thanks you too...



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