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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Who do you think started the old, beauty wives tale, that after awhile, hair gets, "used to" shampoo's and conditioners and become less effective??? It wasn't me, but that doesn't mean I've actually finished any shampoo, I have ever started. Fess up, Girls, I am not the only one who has to fight for space in the shower with their products---and maybe that should change.

With a nod to Earth Day, I decided to try Nexxus' new line of nourishing Botanical products. They appeal to my green side, because they are made without dyes or parabens, are not tested on animals, are infused with rose hip, sunflower and grape seed oils and the bottles are made from partially recycled materials. It's a small step, but if companies like Alberto Culver and consumers, think a little greener, things can only get better.

I shampooed with, Botanoil and conditioned with, Botanphuse ...nothing out of the norm. To, "achieve best results", I took the next step, by abandoning my trio of Warren Tricomi products, in favor of just one, , Botanluxe Leave in Conditioner. It's a tall order to expect one product, to smooth, lift, sculpt, strengthen and style, but remarkably, Botanluxe, did it all!

I'm impressed. This really does have potential---easy on the earth, easy on my wallet..,that's the kind of green, we can all get used to and when that old wives tale starts ringing in my ears, I will just recycle. How about you???



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