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Thursday, September 25, 2008

White Lightening

Despite what the calendar says, summer is officially over, when I no longer have a place to wear a bathing suit to. Despite all of my efforts at keeping my wrinkles and freckles at bay, I always do succumb, to a medium tan on my body, a touch of real sun on my face and a healthy dose of faux glow, daily. (Faux tanning for me is a hobby, much the way someone else might play bridge or do needlepoint).

Recently, I noticed a new spray of freckles on my cheeks and forehead. Yes, that is what SPF 8 has wrought, instead of 30. My bad. But how do undo the damage done??? I am starting to develop a good stash of products to review and as luck would have it, two that have been receiving raves were at the ready.

Estee Lauder's, "Perfectionist" (CP+) Wrinkle Lifting Corrector for Lines/ Wrinkles/Age Spots. Check, check, check, plus, I love a good serum. (People swear by the Olay Regenerist Serum I have been using, but I a have always been tepid about it's texture and performance). I have been using Perfectionist, night and day for about 2 weeks now. It has a velvety texture, no discernible smell and my freckles have nearly vanished. Who cares that one of the ingredients is, "saliva sclarea (clary) extract"? Surely, saliva is just a synonym, for peptide...don't you think??? No matter, I am loving it, and will finish it, to the last drop, of whatever.

The Grandaddy of age spot reducers, is Dr. Howard Sobel's, "DDF Discoloration Reversal-Pods", a 28 day program, for skin renewal. It has received numerous editorial accolades for it's stellar performance and my interest has been keen.

When I received a Totalbeauty "sneak peek" of his newly launched "Protect and Correct" daily moisturizer, with SPF 15, I was intrigued---This was not just protection, but a sunscreen and moisturizer with treatment ingredients to lighten hyper pigmentation. I eyed it with suspicion, expecting the usual white opaque, zinc concoction, with the consistency of Aquaphor, from past disappointments...but it was not to be. DDF Protect and Correct has a lightweight texture that leaves a luminous finish. Best of all, I am sure it is working in tandem with the Perfectionist Wrinkle Lift Serum to increase my whitening, at lightening speed.

If I continue with this routine, by mid winter, I will look like a milky hued, brunette Nicole Kidman...that is of course, until I slap on my self tanner, bronzer and hopefully, squeak in a sun filled holiday.


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