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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Last night I had the pleasure of dining with some of my fellow TotalBeauty Bloggers at ultra hip, Socialista. What a gorgeous, diverse, group of women!!! The event was organized by TotalBeauty and underwritten by Bobbi Brown and Aveda. TotalBeauty and some of the Bloggers are covering the makeup for the Spring 2009 shows, back stage. I will make plans to give this a whirl in the Spring for Fall, (go figure, the crazy timetable of the fashion world).

September is my busiest month of the year. There is, something irresistible about Fall clothes. I love putting together my client's wardrobe for the season, and helping them find their new favorites and build on past investments.

TotalBeauty has created a program, called Beauty Bytes, fun, informative round ups of favorite, (and least favorite products)!, trends, and fashion and beauty slam dunks and disasters. If I am totally swamped, I may include them in place of a blog, otherwise you can access them on the right side of my blog page. I have also included a roster of links to my sister click on them! I have learned a ton!

I am totally impressed with what TotalBeauty has accomplished in one short year. Led by the dynamic Kristen Nelson, V.P. of Business Development, TotalBeauty has already partnered with some of the largest, most prestigious cosmetic companies, including Estee Lauder, Bobbie Brown, MAC, Loreal, Bliss, Aveda, Obaji and many others. Erika Valente, Sr. Manager of Business Development, keeps all the Bloggers up to date on beauty events, "sneak peeks" of new goodies for us to try and review, and new enhancements for our blogs.

I love the concept of the site! Products are rated and reviewed not just by the terrific Editors and Bloggers, but by anyone who wants to be a member. I often check review first, before buying products now. If it's a wow, I am more likely to make a purchase, if it's a bow wow, I'll skip it, and research a better option. In kind, I will also write reviews of anything new I have tried, to keep the system flowing. No one else has created a place for women to share their picks and pans in an unbiased, easily accessible format, uninfluenced by sponsorship. See for yourself!!! There is a link that will take you to visit.

I wonder if any of the Dating websites allow a rating system??? I can tell you one thing, if people were as picky about their dates as they are about their conditioners, singles bars will be having a renaissance...


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