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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bah Dah Bom, Deh Bah Dah Bom....

I am chomping at the bit to see the real Ms. Palin, sans bee hive and granny glasses. She is obviously, a stunner, but she keeps it under wraps, looking more like Rock Hudson's milquetoast secretary, from a 1967 Doris Day movie.

If her primness is fueling my imagination about whipping off her specs, and spring releasing the bee hive to reveal a flowing mane, you can imagine what the boys are saying behind closed doors.

For those Mad Men aficionados, I am hoping to relive Sunday's episode, where Joan, (the office manager and resident bombshell), tells Peggy, (the Donna Reed like copywriter), why the big boys don't let her play in their sandbox. To paraphrase, 'you need to dress like a woman instead of a little girl'. Later, Peggy shows up at the strip club, her male co-workers are reveling at, in a cleavage revealing cocktail dress, without her ponytail and spit bangs. Now, she has our attention, and it won't distract a wit from her intelligence. Chances are, she will get more recognition, not less.

I haven't a clue if Govenor Palin will stick to her armor, or morph into a babe, either way, for now, she has got our attention.


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