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Sunday, January 24, 2016

They Had Me at Halo: My Experience with the Halo Laser (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of my experience with the Halo Laser by Sciton, performed by Dr. Mark Schwartz in NYC at his office and outpatient surgical facility at 79. E. 79th St. The Halo Laser is customizable.  I opted for a medium to deep treatment. Please click here to learn more about Halo, the world's first hybrid fractional laser from its developers at Sciton.

Here is my Part 2, the follow up, with pictures of my treatment throughout the week and my final results:

Day 2, the morning after, before makeup. 
It's working.  Game on!
Day 2 after makeup at work. No one noticed anything amiss.
Dr. Schwartz provided me with an excellent post treatment cream;
Avene's Cicalfate. I've already purchased another tube.
Love it!

Day 3. More redness. My skin looks and feels like sandpaper
I was still able to cover this with makeup. With my hair down
no one could see the sides of my face, where Dr. Schwartz 
treated areas more deeply due to sun damage

Night 5. Tight itchy and peeling.  I would have given
anything to have been able to exfoliate, which Dr. Schwartz warned against.
Premature exfoliation can result in hyperpigmentation. Magically, after swathing
my face in Cicalfate, this was gone after I washed my face the next morning

8 Days Later and glowing! I l LITERALLY forgot
to use foundation. This is just a bit of self tanner and blush.
Probably the first time I hadn't used some form of coverage in 25 years!

Overall I think I achieved all of the results that the Halo Laser by Sciton purports to do:
Halo wiped out years of sun damage, evened my skin tone, improved my texture, shrunk my pores and helped minimize fine lines. And the radiant glow???  It surpassed all of my expectations. I accepted compliments on my skin from friends and colleagues all week and of course told anyone who would listen what I had done.

In terms of downtime, there really was none to speak of.  More good news???  My skin will continue to improve over time as the dermal rejuvenation phase kicks in.  The results will last for years as long as I am vigilant about sunscreen.

Both Dr. Schwartz and Megan checked in with me several times for updates. If you are interested in learning more about the Halo Laser please click here  to see Dr. Schwartz website for a full description of the treatment. If you are considering getting the Halo Glow, you could not be in better hands.  The fee for a Halo Laser Treatment is $1500. 

Just remember, you wear your face everyday...It's all a matter of your personal priorities.  If you are contemplating getting this treatment, I would put this ahead of a few new frocks, that you will wear on occasion, in rotation with all the other things already hanging in your closet!

Food for thought...



  1. Hello,
    I live in Greenwich, Ct and love your blog! Your recommendations are spot on. Just wondering if you have a favorite dentist? Also, a favorite day spa?
    Thank you for your time,
    Doreen Snyder

  2. Thank you so much Doreen. I appreciate your faith in me. I am devoted to my phenomenal dentist Dr. Steven Polevoy and his staff. His office is located right off the Hutch. 914-630-2833. I promise you will have a great experience.
    I don't have a favorite Day Spa, per se. I love Denise Liquori for massage at the Spa at Equinox, even if you are not a member, you can use the spa. I am also completely devoted to Julie Pipilo who owns NY Skin in Rye. Julie does my facials and dermaplaning. She is an absolute JEWEL! 914-213-5724. Please let them all know I recommended them. Lastly, where do you shop? I am Richards Personal Shopper. I would love to assist you with any of your wardrobing needs 203-622-0551.


  3. Thank you for the information about Halo. I'm going in tomorrow for my treatment i.e. face and chest. I feel more comfortable now that I read your blog. I know what to expect and how I will heal which is a wonderful advantage. You are amazing and I thank you for all your research and info.

  4. DeS!
    Hello my friend! You are going to love this! I am so glad you feel more comfortable about doing your HALO procedure having read my experience first. I will definitely be doing my chest too. Please let me know what you think.




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