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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rita to the Root Rescue

The nano-second I caught wind of the fact that celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan, (of J.Lo honey streaked fame) had created a spray on root concealer, I went into manic mode.  I immediately Googled her and was surprised not to find  Root Concealer being sold on her own fact there is no website.   It is however, being sold at Sephora.  I immediately called my two local locations...both thought I was loco---never heard of it.This is the type of product I want to see and sample before purchasing, so I  put it on the back burner,  even though I lovelovelove the concept of spraying away my gray.

Joyfully, my friend Linda shot me an email with good had arrived at Sephora in Greenwich and she was crazy about how easily and completely it covered her roots.  "Why hadn't you thought of it"???, she demanded to know...why indeed!!! 

Root Concealer comes in 4 shades: Blonde/Golden Blonde, Red/Auburn, Light Brown and Dark Brown/Black.  One small ounce is a sizable $24.  Intelligently applied to obvious roots at the part and around the hairline, is the way to go.  It is simple to use, and the thin dolphin nose nozzle, allows for perfect placement.  The Light Brown seamlessly covered any break through on my part towards the crown.  No wonder Linda was so excited!

I checked Sephora's reviews and was surprised that this breakthrough product,  had only snagged 3.5 out of 5 stars.  Reading through them, I found more raves than rips.  Those that loved it, like me, sighted the ease of application and a terrific result. The three main complaints were the small range of shades that did NOT match their hair, the darkness of the "light brown", the inky blackness of the "dark brown" and the price.  I could see merit in all sides.  In truth, my hair is closer to dark brown these days and the light brown, was spot on the spots.

I do think this line would benefit from more shade variations and I'd bet a nickel they are already in development.  In the meantime, hopefully you are in the perfect grey zone and Root Concealer will find a permanent place next to your toothpaste....I just made room for mine.



  1. This sounds perfect to me and just what I need in between salon visits.

  2. It's spectacular! I sprayed Linda and a friend at work today, both with the light brown. Linda's natural hair is light brown, and she adds highlights. It blended seamlessly with her natural color on her part. Our other friend had a trip to the colorist planned for tomorrow. She has dark auburn hair(with a fairly white part at this point). POOF! In seconds it was gone. I wonder if she will postpone her appointment! Bottom line though, go lighter than you think you need.



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