Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review: Glow Airbrush Tanning Studio

Glow Hamptons
760 Montauk Highway
Watermill, NY 11976

14 Rye Ridge Plaza #220
Rye Brook NY
I've noticed a trend on the last few Girl's trips I've been on...Everyone arrives with a full on tan. While I arrive milky as a baby's bottom, they are kissed by the sun before we have hit the first lounge chair.   So what's the story?

The missing link here was that my friends were pre-gaming; a day or two before departure, they were going in for full body air brush tans. Rational? You arrive looking rested, and end up taking in less damaging sun, since the pressure is off to get some color. Of course having a faux glow does not preclude wearing appropriate sun screen, but any additional color is like a cherry on a sundae.

My friend Janice always arrives with a gorgeous caramel glow. I knew she would be the perfect person to ask. "I'm going to Glow in Rye Brook. Come with me!"


I looked on Glow's website, and was delighted to see that they were conveniently opened on Sunday and that I could book our appointments online. The website also provided a succinct page that explained the best strategies to prep and to prolong your afterwards.

Lucky for me, the owner, Jen Materia was working. I got to learn a bit about this fit, attractive, former Wall Street executive and mother of two, who switched gears and now owns two Glow studios, one in Rye Brook, (and rather brilliantly,) in the Hampton's.

Pre-gaming before vacations, it turns out, is not uncommon. Customized tans, last anywhere from 7-10 days and its recommended to plan to tan 1-2 days in advance of a special events or vacation. Though the actual spray process only takes about 5 minutes, it is best to plan on booking a half hour of time.

It's such a smart business. Is there a person on the planet who has any doubt at this point that too much sun exposure does both damage and age our skin prematurely??? I love the look and feel of a tan, but can no longer rationalize long stints in the sun that will sabotage, every single I thing I do, every single day to reverse the clock. Glow successfully makes it possible to have your cake and eat it too. Oh! And please let them know you learned about them from DivaDebbi. I just found out they have a generous referral program, which you to will be able to set up:).

What's up next for Jen and Glow? Literally, the coolest thing...A whole body chryotherapy chamber, which exposes the body to sub zero temperatures for 3 minutes. Chyrotherapy was recently featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It is favored by Yolanda Hadid nee Foster, who routinely undergoes treatment to aid inflammation in her body caused by Lyme's Disease. Jen has an affiliation with Ripped and interval training studio in the same building. Chryotherapy is often used by professional and elite athletes for muscle and injury recovery.

Housewives Lisa Vanderpool and Kyle Richards couldn't resist taking it for a test run, and I'll be darned if they didn't look dewy and fabulous...So when it's all set up, will Diva be taking the plunge???

I think you already know the answer...


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